20,000 Red Worms Eating Breakfast

Have you ever wondered what 20,000 redworms look like eating breakfast?  Of course, you have.  Well, I took a quick video of the 20,000 worms that I had breakfast with this morning.

Just a warning, do not watch this video while eating spaghetti or chopped mean.  🙂

We feed our worms by putting strips of food down the middle of the beds.  The reason that we do this is so that we do not sour the bedding by covering the bedding with the grain based food that we use.  If that happens the worms can develop "Sour Crop".  When that happens the worms writhe around in pain, become stringy and emaciated and die.  We feed down the middle to control souring the bedding and to stop any heating that could be sparked by decomposition of the food.

We always use "Worm-Safe" bedding which is our trademark bedding that we sell.  We call it "worm-safe" because we make it, mix all of the ingredients and allow it to sit and heat, and then cool, before using it or shipping it for sale.

I tell you this so that you know that there should be very little chance that our beds could heat because of feeding, but we never take chances.

I will be telling you the ingredients of our worm food soon.  It will be part of our new eBook coming out shortly.  You will love the recipe and the easy to find, inexpensive ingredients.  If you are interested in my book, The Worm Manual, please sign up and you will be notified when it is released shortly.  Click here to sign up for my new book, The Worm Manual.  Profitable Worm Farming.

Anyway, enjoy breakfast...

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