Firebrats are Breeding, Babies are Hatching. Firebrats For Sale Soon!

We are generating a new generation of Firebrats every two weeks from the culture that we highlighted a couple of months ago (That Firebrat post is here).  We set up a small culture using dollar store items to create the habitat.

We created a Firebrat incubator out of a large cooler, hooked up a thermostat to it and hooked the thermostat to a heat emitter bulb used to warm reptiles.

This video is of that same culture which is now swarming with baby Firebrats.  We have started several other cultures from that Firebrat culture.

We will have Firebrats for sale shortly.  We have thousands breeding and hatching every day.  We look forward to servicing your Firebrat needs very soon.

What are the secrets of culturing Firebrats (Thermobia domestica)?  Well, heat is very important.  95 to about 105 degrees seems to be the best range.

Firebrats need a source of humidity but they do not do well if their home is moist.  They need airflow and a bowl of Cricket Crystals to maintain just enough humidity, which helps them shed as they grow.

Firebrats need a constand source of food.  We keep fish flakes in a bowl, as you will see in the video, at all times.

You will need cotton balls for the adult Firebrats to lay eggs in.  The eggs will hatch after about two weeks at 95 degrees.

If you are looking to breed and care for your own Firebrats just drop us a line or ask your questions here.