Firebrats! Coming Soon to Reptile Near You

live firebratsFirebrats are a new live feeder on the U.S. market.  Firebrats are related to silverfish.  They require high heat to flourish.  They will not breed at temperatures below 80 degrees and do really well at temperatures up to 105 degrees.  The prefer the higher temps.

This video depicts a small breeding and rearing unit that I made to for our Firebrats.  We keep them in coolers at high temperatures so that the heat and humidity are concentrated.  Firebrats love high heat but they also like humidity, but they don't like it wet.

We maintain the proper conditions using a heat lamp, a thermostat and some Cricket Crystals.

Reptiles, dart frogs, frogs of all kinds, fish and birds love Firebrats.  We are in the breeding stages right now, but we will have Firebrats by the end of 2017.

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