Grain Weevils, Wheat Weevils A Great Dart Frog Food

Grain weevils are pretty new to the feeder market, even if they are very old to the pest market.  Mealworms, superworms, fruit flies, and many other feeders are also pests and they are used as feeder insects.

It has taken us 5 months but we have finally been licensed by the USDA to grow, breed and ship Grain Weevils. We have Grain Weevils for sale in multiple sizes, starting at 8 ounces and going up to a 32 ounce culture.

We have to ship in escape proof containers, with our permit in or on the box, and we have to provide a letter instructing customers how to dispose of their Wheat Weevils when they no longer want them.

These are a very interesting feeder.  Our Darts love them.  We have three different kinds of Dart Frogs and not one of them has turned their noses up at these weevils.

They also play dead.  Grain Weevils will pretend that they are dead if you touch them.

Grain Weevils are easy to raise on wheat berries.  We grow ours in plastic containers on wheat berries alone.  They do not drink anything.  We split the cultures every month and freshen the old cultures with new wheat berreies to keep the process growing.

We now have over a thousand cultures, and although I will miss them, it is time for our Wheat Weevils to find new homes. Give your Dart Frogs a snack that they will be talking about for days.

We are shipping 12 ounce cultures with wheat berries via Priority mail.  You can check out prices and more information on our site

They are so ugly that they are actually cute.  Check out their snouts. If you would like to discuss Grain Weevils, then join our forum or email me.

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