Harlequin Roaches and Their Care Sheet

Harlequin Roach Care Sheet

Neostylopyga Rhombifolia

Harlequin Roaches are a roach that is used more as a pet or as a collection species than it is as a feeder. The adults release a compound that makes them taste bad.  Nymphs can be used as feeders but why would you wan to?  These are beautiful roaches that are too pretty to do anything except collect.  The nymphs are more of an orange with some black and white sections but the adults are beautiful.

Harlequin Roaches can be tricky to breed because of their need for a drier upper level in their enclosure.  As you can see in the pictures, we use logs to create a higher elevation for the older roaches.  They need a warm moist place for oviposition and for egg development and hatching but they need it drier for breeding and feeding.

Housing:  Any container with verticle slippery sides, like an aquarium or large Rubbermaid container with a secure lid.

Food Preferences:  Any. They like pretty much everything.

Temps:  75 to 85 Degrees

Breeding:  They will breed well and lay eggs in moist warm and dark spots in their enclosure but need warm dry places above to breed.

Substrate:  Cocunut Coir Bedding, Peat moss or sterilized leaf mold slightly Damp

Difficulty Rating:  Hard.

Size:  Adults to about an inch.

Humidity:  Slightly humid.

Climbing and Flying Ability:  Can climb well.


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