How to Harvest Red Worms on a Budget

Worm farmers use machines to harvest worms on their farms, but that should not stop you from farming worms.  Starting small, on a budget is the best way to start farming redworms.  You can harvest your worms using the Sun or a bright light.

Red worms do not like bright lights and the burrow to get away from it.  Just put the redworms in a big pile of bedding and put a 200 watt LED over them or put them outside and  on a sunny day and you will be harvesting in no time.

The trick is to keep removing the top layer of bedding as the worms burrow.  When you get to the bottom you will have a slithering mass of redworms ready to be shipped or put into a new bed.

Want to see the process in action?  Check out our video.  The camera was really awful but you will get a good idea about what I am trying to explain here.

Happy Worming!


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