This page is the future home of information and care sheets for Isopods, also known as Sowbugs, Pillbugs, Rolypolys and the Woodlice.

We are culturing 20 species of Isopods and will post videos, pictures and caresheets of each species so that you can properly care for and breed Isopods too.  We will also list what we have available as they become available.  Please join our exotic insect availability list.  We will send out updates when we offer some of the more exotic insects for sale.  We will offer these on a first come first served basis but we will offer them to our list first, before we post them as available online.

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Isopods. Porcellio scaber. Common Rough Woodlouse

Isopod Care Sheets


Armadillidium maculatum

Porcellio Scaber Common Gray Stripped Common Montenegro Clown Isopods


Porcellio ornatus (high yellow)
Costa Rican Purple Giant Canyon N. Cristas
Floridana Fast Isopods Armadillidium nasatum 'peach'