Live Isopod Scaber Morph Latest Sowbug Addition

We have been working on this Scaber morph. Porcellio scaber is an isopod that is usually dark grey in color. I first noticed a morph in some captive bred, dark Porcellio scaber which first surfaced with some orange and gray mixed. I isolated that morph and then breed them down through successive generations, always isolating for the desired colors we were looking for. That original morph created some interesting lines, like a dalmation line, orange line calico line and now this ghost Isopod line. The interesting thing is that the eyes are still dark. I have not seen a morph, in my supply anyway, that has pink or lighter eyes.

I just wanted to share our latest isopod breeding antics. We will have these for sale in a few months. We will also have some other cool morphs and Isopod breeds soon too.

Live Isopod Ghost Morph.

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