Live Roach Care Sheet: Orange Head Roaches


Roach Care Sheet

Roach Care Sheet: 

Orange Head Roach(Eulaberus posticus)


Common and Scientific NameOrange Head Roach (Eulaberus posticus)
Breeding Information and Defining Characteristics

If all requirements are met, then Orange Head Roaches will breed readily once they develop wings.  The time with which they will reach maturity will depend upon warmth and food supply.

They emit an odor when disturbed that sort of smells like garlic bread.  Adults develop and orange head which their name reflects.

Housing RequirementsAny container is suitable for use, size
depends on how many roaches you intend to keep.
Difficulty RearingEasy. 
Watch for wing biting.  Orange Head Roaches are known
for wing biting and they will eat their cleaning crews so
watch out.  Keep constant protein supply and water
crystals with them at all times.
Climbing HabitNon-Climbing
SubstrateOrange Head Roaches love a substrate of
coconut coir or peat moss and leaves.  They love to
burrow and hide.  The problem is that the moist
substrate will make the smell worse.  They already have
a smell when disturbed.  Keep them without a substrate
and provide hiding spaces using egg cartons and empty paper
towel and toilet paper roll inserts.
Temperature and HumidityThey can eat any type of food. Examples
include fruits, vegetables, grains and they will even eat
each other and other insects that they can get at.
RestrictionsNot Legal in Florida or Hawaii.


Picture on the left is and adult Orange Head Roach
The picture on the right is of a nymph.


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