Lobster Roach Care Sheet

Roach Care Sheet

Roach Care Sheet:

Lobster Roaches
 Nauphoeta cinerea



Common and Scientific
Lobster Roaches
 Nauphoeta cinerea
Breeding Information and
Defining Characteristics

readily.  Gives birth to live young.  If kept above room temp, with food provided they will breed


Feeding PreferencesDry dog food, cat food, fresh fruits and vegetables such as romaine, carrots, apples, bananas,
oranges, celery, squash, peas and others.
Housing Requirements
Extra large critter keeper, a 5 gallon bucket with a lid or rubber storage tubs with ventilation holes.
Add a thick layer of Bug Boundary Grease or paint a boundary
with Bug Boudary, to reduce losses and prevent escapes.
Difficulty Rearing
Climbing Habit
They climb glass and plastic well but prefer
to stay hidden in egg crates and hiding spots.
No substrate needed.  Vertically
positioned egg crates are all they need to be happy.
Temperature and Humidity
Keep the cage between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The environment should be relatively humid by
misting the cage at least once in a day very lightly.
Do not make it wet.
Not allowed in Florida


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