Porcellio Ornatus- High Yellow

Porcellio Ornatus is a colorful Spanish Isopod.  It is one of the easier Spanish Isopods to raise and breed, but it still requires some care and balance.

P. Ornatus likes it on the drier side like Zebra Isopods do, but they do need a moist section, about 25%, with places to hide in that moist area.  The rest of their enclosure can and should be drier.

They will eat dead leaves, fish food flakes, bakers years, vegetables and fruits. Just be sure to feed sparingly so as not to cause mold and mite issues.

P. Ornatus likes it warmer than most isopods to.  Keeping them between 70 and 80 degrees will ensure success.

We have created higher/drier spots in their enclosure so that they can climb and regulate their own moisture requirements.

Porcellio ornatus

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