Porcellio Scaber “Rough Isopod Care Sheet

Rough Isopods

Porcellio Scaber

porcellio scaber

Rough Isopods, known by their Latin name, Porcellio scaber, are very easy to grow, house and care for.  They can take wild extremes in temps and I have raised them in  dry and very wet conditions without any interruption in growth and breeding.

Porcellio scabers are a great Isopod for beginners and also for experienced keepers.  The beginner can raise Scabers to learn from, while the experienced keeper can experiment with different morph combinations.  Over the years some very beautiful color variations have been created from pure white with white eyes to orange dalmations, and several other types in between.

We raise thousands of Rough Isopods and we have found that they especially love Pecan leaves, Alfalfa hay and pellets, fish flakes and brewers yeast.  If you have all of those, you will be a hit with your Isopods.  They will literally eat out of your hands.

Base Care Info:

Housing:  Smooth sided container with vertical sides so that Isopods can't escape. They really can't find a footing on the plastic or class but they can if the walls are dirty. Keep the sides clean and slick.

Food:  Dried leaves. Love Pecan leaves. They like most hardwood leaves. They will eat vegetables, small amounts of fruit, fish flakes and brewer's yeast.

Temperature:  Large Rage between 45 to 95

Breeding:  They will breed like crazy if given the room and the food supply. They will breed prior to reaching full size.

Substrate:  Leaf mold, coconut coir or peat moss substrate . Can range from dry to moist.

Difficulty Rating:  Very Easy

Size:  Up to 3/4".

Humidity:  Slightly Humid to aid shedding.

Porcellio Scaber


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