Roach Care Sheet: Madagascar Hissing Roaches

Roach Care Sheet

Roach Care Sheet:

Madagascar Hissing



Common and Scientific
Madagascar Hissing
Breeding Information and
Defining Characteristics

Hissing Roaches will readily breed with
enough food and warmth.  We have found that very ripe
bananas seem to help the breeding process.
Madagascar Hissing Roaches will make a hissing sound when
disturbed.  This is a defense mechanism.  Hissing
roaches are harmless.
Feeding PreferencesDry dog or cat food, fresh fruits such as
apple, banana, orange, strawberries and romaine lettuce as
well as fresh vegetables.  They can sometimes be
picky.  They will devour a banana one day and then
ignore it for Romaine Lettuce the following day.
Housing Requirements
Can be housed in as small as half gallon
container with adequate ventilation and crawl/hide
spaces.  We use egg crates.   Petroleum
jelly, Bug Boundary or Bug Boundary Grease around the upper
rim to prevent escapes.
Difficulty Rearing
Climbing Habit

can climb glass and smooth plastic

Slightly damp coconut fiber.  If you do
not provide a substrate, then keep a nice size cup or bowl
of Cricket Crystals because they will go to it to get the
humidity that they need to molt.  See video below.
Temperature and Humidity
Place a water bowl in the cage, filled with
Cricket Crystals to keep the environment humid. They can
cope at room temperature, suitable breeding temperature is
95 degrees Fahrenheit. A heat pad or lamp can be used to
provide warmth.
Not allowed in Florida.


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