Live Roach Care Sheets:

We broke this list down to help you make decisions based upon which roach
species will be best for you.  This information is for your benefit so please feel free to contact us with additional information you would like added or comment here or make a
link to this in our forum to discuss.  The more roach care information that we have about culturing and breeding various species, the better off we will all be...and so will our roaches.  🙂



Fastest Breeding Roaches Roaches that Use Parthenogenisis Roaches that Eat Vegetables
Small Feeder Roaches Easiest Roaches to Culture Breed and Raise Largest Roaches Roaches that eat cat/dog food
Large Feeder Roaches Room Temperature Breeding and Care Roaches Smallest Roaches Roaches that need Least Amount of Care
Rare Roaches Cold Tolerant Roaches Roaches that Won't Infest Your House All Roach List:  List of all Care
Pet Roaches Florida Legal Roaches Hissing Roaches
Medium Sized Feeder Roaches Most Colorful Roaches Roaches that will eat anything


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Common Name
Scientific Name
Orange Head Roaches
Eulaberus posticus
Surinam roaches
Pycnoscelus surinamensis
Horse Shoe Crab
Hemiblabera tenebricosa
Lobster Roach
Nauphoeta cinerea
Madagascar Hissing Roaches
Gromphadorhina portentosa
Giant cave Roach
Blaberus giganteus
Six spotted Roach
Eublaberus distanti
Goblin Roach
Paratemnopteryx couloniana (red goblin roach)
Turkistan Roach
Blatta lateralis
Deaths Head Roach
Blaberus craniifer
Ivory Head roach
Eublaberus ivory
Pantanal roach
Eublaberus serranus
Oriental roach
Blatta orientalis
Banana roach
Panchlora nivea
Roach  also False Deaths Head Roach
Blaberus discoidalis
Pallid roach
Phoetalia pallida
Red head roach
Oxyhaloa deusta
Australian roach
Periplaneta australasiae
Shadow roach
Pycnoscelus surinamensis