Super Worm Care: The Basics of Superworm Care

You order your Superworms, the arrive and then, as you are opening your Super Worm box, that you don't know how to care for them. You scramble for your phone, search for "Superworm Caresheet" and find a bunch of stuff. You grab some oat meals, throw in some apple s

ces and then put them in the refrigerator. You come back later and they are all dead. Believe it or not, we have had people contact us with this exact scenario, so we created this video and quick post.

Superworms are easy to care for. You just need some wheat bran, a potato and a plastic shoe box.

You don't put the lid on the shoe box because the heat from the worms and the potato slices will cause the box to sweat and that will cause the worm bedding to mold. This could also cause mites to grow in your super worm culture.


That is all you need to do. Now watch the video where I tell you the same thing that I just told you.  🙂  If you need Superworms or bran please try


What can you use besides wheat bran as your superworm bedding?  You can use chicken food.  Egg layer mash that is used to feed egg layer chickens is a good food for Super Worms.  Some people use oat meal or other grains to as a bedding and then feed a variety of vegetables to the superworms to ensure that they get everything that they need.

We have tried various grains and nothing grows super worms the way regular wheat bran does.  We do use small amounts of yeast as a nutrient when feeding our superworms.  They love it and it is good for them and for us.

If you are interested in breeding your own superworms, then you should try our Superworm Breeding kit.

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