Surinam Roaches Care Sheet

Roach Care Sheet

Roach Care Sheet:  Surinam Roaches  (Pycnoscelus surinamensis)


Common and Scientific
Surinam Roach (Pycnoscelus


Breeding Information and
Defining Characteristics

They need it warm and humid to breed.  Think Florida.

They grow to about 1 inch in length as an adult.

Colonies are mostly, if not all,
female.  Surinam Roaches reproduce through parthenogenesis
which means that females reproduce by making exact
copies of themselves.


Housing Requirements
Any secure container is suitable for Surinam
Roaches.  Surinam can jump. A petroleum jelly barrier
can be used to prevent them from getting out of the
container. We use Bug Boundary Grease to stop escapes.
Difficulty Rearing
Climbing Habit
They can climb plastic and glass and they can
Any substrate is suitable, preferably cypress
mulch because it is easy to clean up, but coconut coir
bedding, or any type of mulch type bedding is fine.
Food PreferenceFreshly planted foliage such as flowers, tree
leaves, weeds and potted plants.  They like fresh and
dried grasses, straw and Oak leaves.  They will not do
well without this type of food and you may experience
die-off without a source of plant material as food.
Pick some leaves and bag them for an off season food source
or you can buy Surinam food from us.  You can also get
bagged leaves on from these links.
Temperature and Humidity
They need heat to breed. Their respiration
gives enough humidity, there is no need to add water but you
should have a small bowl of Cricket Crystals in their
enclosure to ensure moisture.
Florida Legal


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