Working on Curly-Wing Flies

We are working on breeding Curly-wing flies and bought the domain name "".  We are in our 8th generation.  We are going to go to 15 generations before we put these up for sale.

Curly-wing flies are flightless houseflies.  We have found a way to breed these on a vegetable based diet, which was not easy, but it has lessened the smell in the breeding and larvae rooms.

We plan on shipping these in cups or in mesh or burlap bags.  We will not ship the larvae or live adult flies, but we will ship the cocoon in its dormant form before it becomes a fly.

The pictures below of are closeups that I took last week.  They can't fly because their wings are curled.

These flightless houseflies are the same size as normal house flies.  Zero chemicals or drugs are used to create the curly wings.  The curl was created using a curling iron and hairspray.  What a pain in the next curling the wings of thousands of houseflies with one little curling iron.  🙂

Kidding.  The curl was achieved through selective breeding over a long period of time so that these would breed true.  Every once in a while we end up with a curly-wing fly that can fly or sort of fly, but we remove those flys from our cultures so that those flies with the strongest wing curl, which keeps them from flying, only get to breed in our facility.

Our curly-wing flies are Musca domestica, which is exactly the same fly that visits your house and is a pain during picnics.  Ours cannot fly so it makes them easy to control, feed to your reptiles and pets and to hamper escapes.

We are working on a great deal for you.  We are planning our go-live sale and we will have informative care videos, information and fly pupae for sale.  We will also have food for sale so that you can care for your flies when they are delivered.

These are common houseflies that are flightless and they cannot be raised like flightless fruit flies.  They have different habits and needs.  If you raise them like Melanogaster or Hydei flightless fruit flies, they will die.

Sign up for an email when we go live.  Once we start selling Curly-wing flies, we will provide:

  1.  A list of supplies that you will need, with links to those supplies, even if we do not carry them.
  2. Feeding and care information in the form of videos with written instructions.
  3. A link to our proprietary blend of food, made with our secret recipe.  Heck, I will even throw in the recipe.  We keep no secrets here.  Proprietary, shmoprietary!
  4. Of course, a link to our sale, which will be a great value.


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