Zebra Isopod Care Sheet

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Isopod Care Sheet:

   Zebra Isopods

  Armadillidium maculatum


Common and Scientific

Breeding Information and
Defining Characteristics

They will breed readily if their requirements are meant. This isopod likes a drier substrate with drier leaves but with a moist retreat.  They love fish flakes and fresh vegetables.  They also like it warmer than many isopods.  If you keep them between 75 and 85
degrees they will breed well.  Lightly mist the enclosure weekly but to not make wet.


Feeding PreferencesFish food flakes, fresh vegetables, dried
tree leaves.
Housing Requirements
Zebra Isopods will do well in a shoe box or any container or aquarium with a lid to keep out pests,
flies, spiders and that sort of thing.
Difficulty Rearing
Medium difficulty because of the substrate  requirements.
8 to 12 months which comes from us tracking individual breeders over time.
Peat moss or Coconut Coir bedding.  With a covering of dried leaves.
Temperature and Humidity
They like it on the warm side, which is
between 75 and 85 degrees.  You can easily reach this temp by keeping them near furnace, on a refrigerator or on
top of a heating pad made for reptiles or plants.  I
have linked to a couple as a reference.


 Zebra Isopod 

Care Video

Zebra Isopod Care

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