Garden Snail Eggs does not sell garden snails or escargot snails, but we do have some growing here on the farm for fun.  We do not eat them either...YUCK!

They are pretty cool to watch and we like to feed them our extra garden greens.  We have a group of Helix aspersa that laid eggs which are about to hatch.  I will post a follow-up when they hatch.

We also have Roman Snails or Helix Pomatia growing here.  They are much bigger and very interesting.  The Romans used to carry the snails with them as they conquered so that they had a source of rich meat.

I have pictures of Roman snails (Helix Pomatia) breeding below.  This video of the eggs is from Helix Aspersa.

Both our Roman Snails and our Helix Aspersa have had babies in the past but this is the largest egg clutch yet.

I was cleaning out mealworm bins and sorting worms for shipping when I took a peek into the snail enclosure, which is in my office, and noticed the eggs.  I later caught the Roman snails breeding and videotaped that on my phone and took pictures. Those are posted here also.   Is that wrong?  🙂

Check out the videos and pictures.

Helix Aspersa

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