Grow Chickens For Free Using Worm Poop and Black Soldier Fly Larvae

How to Get Chicken Eggs For Free From Worm Poop

Times are tough and people are looking for ways to save money and survive. We have discovered a way to raise chickens, and get eggs for free.

What you will need for this project:

  1. Super Worm Poop.
  2. Black Soldier Fly  Larvae
  3. A bin to keep your starter larvae in

Soldier Grubs is the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly.  The Black Soldier Fly inhabits most of the United States and is very active in the warm and sunny months of the year.

Soldier Flies to not carry disease and they do not bite, although they do look like wasps.

Soldier Grubs love Super Worm Poop.  The Soldier Fly will lay eggs in the worm poop, or frass, and the eggs will hatch within a week in warm weather.  The larvae will quickly devour the frass.  You will have to continuously add more Super Worm Poop until the larvae reach about an inch in length.  Your chickens will devour them, and that will help your chickens get big and plump and lay eggs.


The first video will show you Black Soldier Fly Larvae growing in nothing but Super Worm Poop.

The second video is of two Black Soldier flies breeding.

The third video will show you a cluster of Black Soldier Fly Larvae laid in cardboard.

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