Live Roach Care Sheets: Ivory Head Roaches

Roach Species: Ivory Head Roach
Scientific Name and Common NamesEublaberus sp. 'Ivory'

Ivory Head Roach

SizesGets bigger than Dubia roaches

Life Cycle

Reproductive Capacity
Gives birth to live young and readily reproduces as long as they have food and Temps

Of about 80 to 90 degrees.

Difficulty Rating


Easy to Mid-range.  Although rearing Ivory Head Roaches is easy,

it can be made difficult by their need to have substrate.   Raised the same way

that Orange Head Roaches are raised with substrate of moist coir and leaves.

Climbing Habit


The nymphs and adults cannot climb.

Coconut Coir Bedding or Peat Moss.  They like to burrow.
Interesting Information


Ivory Roaches are currently a rare breed in the roach world.

Ivory Roaches seem to enjoy some crowding and they love food scraps.

The Ivory Roach is often used a composting roach.

Males and female adults have wings and are an ivory color

females are rounder, shorter and thicker. The nymphs are brown and

have a dark sheen with 3 brightly colored spots on either side of their bodies.

Origin and Restrictions
FoodsFruit and vegetable scraps.  Will eat moist cat food.
WaterAlways keep water
crystals present in a cup.   You can get that here
under the brand name, Cricket


Humidity and
Aquarium or plastic
container with air holes and a lid.

Composting Roach, Eublaberus Sp. Ivory