Oriental Roach Care Sheet

Roach Care Sheet

Roach Care  Sheet:  

Oriental Roach

Blatta orientalis



Common and Scientific

Oriental Roach

Blatta orientalis
Breeding Information and
Defining Characteristics

will breed readily when the environment is right.
They will lay egg cases which will hatch in a couple of
weeks with temps around 80 degrees.

are a dark colored, almost maroon, fast moving


Feeding PreferencesThey feed on dead decaying organic matter.
Housing Requirements
A well ventilated container with lid and
Vaseline to prevent escape, eg cartons, food, water and heat
Difficulty Rearing
Medium.  We have raised these on very
moist substrate and lost every roach.  We also have
raised them where the temps dipped and they died.  If
everything is right they will thrive.  They look a
great deal like Blatta Lateralis except that the adults are
larger and darker in color. They are not as easy to raise as
Blatta Lateralis.
Climbing Habit
They can climb glass and plastic.  They
like to climb over branches and egg cartons.
No substrate is needed
Temperature and Humidity
They prefer dark, damp and cool areas. The
optimum temperature is between 68 and 84F
Florida Legal.


VideoOriental roach video


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