Skirted Isopod Care Sheet

Skirted Isopods

oniscus asellus

Skirted Isopods, are one of the larger isopods.  We have had some grow larger than Giant Scaber and to almost the size of Canyon Isopods.

They are characterized by their outer fringe which resembles a skirt.  We have developed black and brown Skirted Isopods as you will see in the pictures below.

They are found under the bark of fallen trees in nature.  They are active when disturbed but seem to enjoy spending their time in communities under bark.


Provide them with a large container with coconut coir substrate, peat moss or leaf mold.  Also provide rotting sticks and logs for them to climb on and eat.  They enjoy eating the leaves of hardwood trees.


They also love eating Brewer's Yeast, fish food flakes and carrot and potato slices.


Keep them between 65 and 80 degrees for best growth and breeding.

Mist the enclosure, substrate and hiding spots but do not make it wet.

Skirted Isopods

Skirted Isopods



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