Zebra Roach Care Sheet

Zebra Roaches

Eurycotis decipiens

Zebra roach care sheet

Zebra roaches are a beautiful roach that grows to about and inch in length.  They have beautiful striped coloration as adults.

Zebra roaches require wet substrate of peat or coconut coir, leaves and rotting logs.  They should also have bark for hiding places.  We have found that maple leaves and maple bark work best but others have had good results using other types of bark and leaves.

Zebra roaches love heat so keep them between 75 and 85 degrees for optimal health and breeding.

They love gold fish flakes.  Tetra seems to work best for us.

All stages of Zebra roaches can climb but they cannot fly.  They are easily handled once they get used to your presence.

A container with a tight fitting lid, and air holes drilled for airflow, will work well for them.

They are oviparous and will deposit ootheca in and on the rotting logs and on the substrate.  Those eggs will hatch if kept between 75 and 85 Degrees.


Watch our video and see how we set up our Zebra Roaches.


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